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How to Pay online?

You must be an Alliance Bank Account Holder and also a registered user of Alliance Online. For the purpose of reconciliation with the Land Title Quit Rent records, you MUST type in the :- <Title Number No>,<Notice Serial Number>.

Information Required to Pay

In Person or By Company

  • Title Number

  • Payee Name & IC Number / Company Registration Number
  • Bring the notice LSF 1631 if you have received one.


  • Bank Account (Saving or Current Account)

  • Register as Alliance Online Internet Banking Account User www.allianceonline.com.my
  • Title Number & Notice Serial Number
  • Payee Name & IC Number / Company
  • Notice Serial Number Reference of LSF 1631. (Check online). This is a 10 digit number.
  • You must enter the Title number followed by a ',' and then the Notice Serial Number. This is very important information to ensure that your payment is effected and for the refund if applicable.
Operation Time for Internet Banking


7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Monday to Sunday)

After the above time, you can only make enquiry on your account, no payment will be allowed.

Modes of Payment

Internet Banking

  • Alliance Online

Pay by Cash, Cashier Order, Bank Draft, Postal Order, Money Order

  • All PPHT Office Counters in Sabah

  • 4th Floor, Branch Collection Office at Wisma Sabah, Kota Kinabalu
  • Alliance Bank Branches in Malaysia
How to check your outstanding ?

You must enter the first 8 digits of your land title. You may enter the full 9 digits of the land title.

FAQ on Quit Rent
  • When is my quit rent due ?

      • Your quit rent is due on every 1st of January of the year.
  • How to request for refund for payment made on wrong title number ?
      • You must write in a letter with the explanation on the refund.
      • Copy of your IC.
      • Original Copy of the receipt.
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